Old Town Culture House

Construction of the Bornbach Townhouse currently comprising Old Town Culture House was launched in the mid-fifteenth century. It was almost completely destroyed during World War II, but its Gothic cellars have survived and are now the most authentic piece of the building open to visitors. The late medieval and lovingly restored basement currently hosts Literary Club founded by SDK animators, which organizes meetings with writers and literary critics and lectures throughout the year. Moreover, the whole House of Culture is not oriented towards spectacular and expensive events, but rather towards a formula of work which allows for harmonious coexistence of professional creators and enthusiastic amateurs. As a result, many of the most talented debutants enter the circle of professionals in a natural way.

Last year, together with its past and present supporters, it celebrated its 60th anniversary. It was a great opportunity to recall how many creators, significant for Polish culture, had passed through its doors. Whether in the “Egg full of music” – the first Polish alternative music club colloquially named “The hippies club”, which was located here in the basement, or in the Krzywe Koło Gallery, on the first floor – the most important site promoting abstract art, bringing together a number of avant-garde artists, culture was always written with a capital letter. And one has to remember that Jazz in the Old Town was established here, that this place hosted famous song revues, and that here in the underground “Largactil” fragments of the film by Andrzej Wajda titled “Innocent Sorcerers” were filmed. Famous names of writers and poets, theatre and cabaret artists and intellectuals associated with the walls of the Old Town Culture House form an endless list. But perhaps it is better just to come here and get to know them personally.

Upcoming events at Old Town Culture House:

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