Old Gunpowder House

The Old Gunpowder House, since 2002 the second headquarters of the Capital Cultural Education Centre, is a place with a rich history. Originally the tower of Sigismund Augustus Bridge destroyed in 1609, then for almost 120 years the gunpowder storehouse, then marshal’s prison – the original inscription “Place designated by the court for the improvement of the bad” can now be viewed in the basement of Gunpowder House – and, finally, the space serving educational and cultural activities – unusual history of this building for many centuries being a part of Warsaw, makes it a place very often visited by the inhabitants of Warsaw and the tourists admiring the Old Town. Refurbished Cellars increase the attractiveness of this location by skilful inclusion of modern solutions in the historical walls of the building, and are the perfect place to implement the educational tasks of the Capital Cultural Education Centre.

The restored Old Gunpowder House Basements include, among others: Kazamaty Gallery, Kazamaty Stage and Club Room. The Gallery presents works made in the workshops of art, photography and planning design taking place in SCEK, as well as the works of young artists. Kazamaty Stage is not only a great place to play intimate performances – individual theatre consultations and film classes are also held there. Club Room is a modern space where workshops are held with the youth taught by SCEK teachers and Warsaw meetings on education and culture are organized.

Renovation works in the basement of the Old Gunpowder House also enabled the development of land adjacent to the building from the side of Żoliborz district. An impressive amphitheatre built in the place where formerly there was a moat surrounding the townhouse, beautifully blends in with the walkway leading from the tower along the sixteenth-century Bridge of Sigismund Augustus. Concerts, performances and other cultural events held in the Amphitheatre gather a large audience who can enjoy the music and open air theatre in the beautiful scenery.

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