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Jezuicka Street, initially called St. John street of is one of the oldest and most important routes of the Old Town. Its history dates back to the fourteenth century. Nearby stands the church of St. John the Baptist, which is why it was initially inhabited by the higher hierarchy clergy. After the great fire in 1607, the estates on the west side of the street, however, obtained new owners. They were bought by the Jesuits, who had established their college there. It was the beginning of their supremacy in this part of the Old Town. Decades later, bishop Ujejski gave them the Czerska tenement rising in front of the college, and they themselves bought two neighbouring estates. These three buildings combined into one whole with funds from the Zaluski bishops gave rise to a new Jesuit school called, after the names of the founders, Gymnasium Zaluscianum. This place, despite changing managers has been continuously related to education ever since.

Capital Cultural Education Centre located in the walls of the old Gymnasium is a local government institution of extracurricular education, working for the cultural education of children, young people and teachers. Restored Old Town Cellars at the headquarters of the Capital Cultural Education Centre, in the townhouse at 4 Jezuicka street, perform a variety of educational and cultural functions. The basement areas include: Chamber Music Stage, Children’s Stage, Brzozowa Gallery, Literary Cafe, Batik Workshop, Music Rehearsal Room and computer room. Popular exhibitions, concerts, shows, performances, educational projects, workshops and cultural events, as well as poetry readings taking place in the space of these renovated basements entered the repertoire of the cultural life of the Old Town.

Upcoming events at Capital Cultural Education Centre:

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